Bitcoin growth

Bitcoin growth

The popularity of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency continues to climb. Recently, there have been posts on Etherum cryptocurrency ( see Etherum is back in the game! ), which is also growing in strength like Bitcoin and it’s steady record-breaking growth. Today is no different when for the first time in three years, there are more than one million active Bitcoin cryptocurrency holders in the world! What does this mean? Namely, that day by day more than a million new addresses are actively participating in the growth of Bitcoin’s popularity and generating more and more demand for this cryptocurrency.

What does the address data look like?

Thanks to ( we know that about ¾ of registered user addresses “are between zero and 0.01 BTC, with the latter being worth $350. 5 million addresses (16%) contain between 0.01 and 0.1 BTC, and only 2 million addresses have one bitcoin parked on them.”

What’s more, from the data shared on the portal we can learn that only one address holds 100,000 bitcoin, which is a significant regression in contrast to 2017. Why? Because three years ago there were more users who owned significant amounts of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

One user = one account – a myth!

The data released shows that one user does not always mean one account. It can also be seen that users are increasingly willing to split their “Bitcoin capital” into several different addresses, resulting in more users. It means that users are behaving rationally and making informed investment decisions by dividing their capital into smaller pieces.

What does this data really mean?

User activity and interest in Bitcoin cryptocurrency prove the fact that this industry is becoming a very attractive direction for investing money, especially nowadays. Of course, the increase from 300 thousand unique addresses in the first quarter of 2018, to more than a million today is a perfect argument for the thesis stated above. Nevertheless, it is no less important to realize that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has become more than a seasonal curiosity. What we see among users, splitting capital, more than one account or consciously selling and buying cryptocurrency for profit – all this has long ceased to be fun, and today we are dealing with serious business. Let’s hope that on the popularity of Bitcoin we will only gain and this is not a temporary bubble.

Etherum back to game

Etherum back to game!

The Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency, has exceeded $1 200 for the first time in three years. The profits were largely driven by a combination of fundamental factors, including the parabolic Bitcoin rally, ETH futures predictions and the growing DeFi sector. 

ETH price already exceeds $1200

The value of Ethereum reached a peak of $1,223.84 on Bitstamp, the highest since January 2018. Over the past week, the cryptocurrency grew by more than 60%, bringing the total market cap to 135 billion USD.

ETH/USD exchange rate through TradingView

At the current rate, Ethereum seems to be ready to beat another record $1 432.88. As specialists forecast, this may happen any day now or within a week. 

H2:Ethereum increases are one thing, but Bitcoin is still TOP1 on the cryptocurrency market.

With the growing popularity, the gravitational attraction of Bitcoin on the wider crypto market has intensified. The flagship has just reached a record $3 7150 and is still growing!

Over the past month, Bitcoin has grown by nearly 90% due to growing interest from institutions and reduced supply. Ethereum and other digital assets have gained momentum from Bitcoin’s leader. In fact, there is some evidence to suggest that institutional investors are watching Ethereum as Bitcoin trading becomes increasingly crowded with players with deeper pockets.

Bitcoin still growing

Bitcoin still growing

In recent weeks we have witnessed a steady growth of cryptic Bitcoin and you know what? Bitcoin is growing again, leaving it close to its record level.

Crypted Bitcoin has grown by over 17% to a record level of $28.220 between 4pm on Friday and late morning on the East Coast on Sunday. Since then, profits have decreased, but the price is still much higher than the Friday afternoon level. Mid afternoon on Monday it was only 3.8% below its level. It is not entirely clear why Bitcoin took off, but the price goes along with the prices of more risky assets. This means that when investors are willing to take more risk for higher profits, they will buy Bitcoin.

Update from 30.12.2020

BitCoin today achieved a result of $27.905.32 which is a change of 4.04% from 24 hours. Converted into zlotys, its value is 102,315.13 PLN.

Bitcoin and growth stories

Bitcoin hit the bottom on March 12th, less than two weeks before the world stock market reached its low level at the outbreak of the pandemic. Since then, Bitcoin has increased by more than 450%, while S&P 500 has increased by 67% from its lowest level, which reached 23 March.

Since mid-March, the US dollar index (DXY), which is an indicator of interest in dollar-denominated safe assets among international investors, has fallen by 12% as the global economy rebounds. In mid-March, the Federal Reserve said it would provide as much monetary stimulus as the U.S. economy needed, which reduced interest rates and led to expectations that it would stay on the bottom.

Long-term government bond yields are now below the expected inflation rate, which reduces the interest rate on the debt, as well as the dollar needed to buy it. Investors have moved to more risky assets, including Bitcoin, in search of higher returns.

Since the closing of the stock exchange on December 22nd, when the short pause in the stock rally ended, S&P 500 has increased by one tenth of a percent. Since then, treasure prices have fallen and the 10-year treasure profitability has fallen to 0.94% from 0.92%. The dollar index fell by 0.3%.

One thing that is certain is that when the market environment is focused on profits from more risky assets, Bitcoin can be a cool transaction.

Argentinian cryptocurrency boom

Argentinian cryptocurrency boom

More good news from the crypto world. In Argentina, the crypto boom is taking place, with crypto exchanges enjoying record growth this year. 

For ages, the US dollar has been the most wanted foreign currency. But currently, they are talking and thinking about DAI, a stablecoin issued by MakerDAO.  According to information provided by local crypto exchanges SatoshiTango, Decrypto, and Ripio, DAI’s volume has grown at least six-fold this year. 

Argentines, faced with a devaluation of the peso from $0.02 to $0.006 in just 18 months and an annual inflation rate higher than 30%, are looking for ways to safeguard their value.  And, let’s not forget about the new ATH of Bitcoin, which shut to $ 24 225 this week.

Bitcoin the third largest "congested commercial area"

Bitcoin the third largest “congested commercial area”

According to fund managers, the global cryptocurrency Bitcoin ranks third among the most “crowded trading areas” for investments!

Specialists who manage assets around the world are slowly losing confidence in the dollar. As we can read in many opinions, it is common for them to encourage the search for an investment alternative that will withstand inflation. Bitcoin is to be such an alternative. 

A new survey conducted among global fund managers shows that Bitcoin has climbed the investment rankings, overcoming traditional investments such as gold and bonds.  Bitcoin was ranked third in the general list of options in this category, named by 15% of respondents the most “crowded place to invest”.

The Global Fund Manager survey was conducted by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch between December 4 and 10 and asked 217 fund managers responsible for $534 billion of assets, a series of questions about trends in investor behavior.

This is not the first time that Bitcoin has appeared in a monthly Bank of America survey. In December 2017, Bitcoin topped the list of the most sought-after investments, and of the approximately 32% of respondents asked about Bitcoin, the answer was “this is one of those areas where it is definitely worth investing. 

Thus, the final success story should only improve the latest results and we will probably see more records in the coming big steps of 2021.

Roman Ziemian in Ferrari Car

I was a guest in “Fast lane” and told about my performances in Ferrari Challenge

Roman Ziemian, one of this season’s debutantes from the Octane 126 racing group, was a guest of “Fast Lane” on November 13th this year. The Polish driver told about himself and his passions, which are closely related to Ferrari and classical music and art patronage. Below is an interview with racing driver Roman Ziemian:

This is your first year in the Ferrari Challenge. Why did you decide to take part in this cycle?

“I joined the Ferrari family several years ago. I used to race with other brands in the past, but then I was attracted to the magic of the brand.

How did your passion for racing begin?

“I raced with other cars in semi-professional categories for a long time. After the accident, I had to give up the sport, but quickly realized that I couldn’t do without the adrenaline I felt on the track. Car sport has always been my dream.

Which track was the most interesting for you and which one did you like the most?

“I would love to race in Abu Dhabi. I spend part of the year in Dubai, so for me it would be like racing at home. As for the track I liked the most, I would say Mugello for now.

How would you describe your driving style? 

“During my first two races, I felt intimidated. Not only were other drivers driving really fast, but I was afraid to keep my speed too high. I didn’t want to get too close to the car in front and couldn’t find the courage to overtake my rivals. It was different in Mugello. It was the first race in which I let go and overtook seven rivals. Before, I was a gentleman, I let the fastest drivers through, now I want to try to be more aggressive”.

How do you prepare for the race? Many drivers use classical music. Do you do that?

“I love classical music. I studied at the conservatory and now I have many friends who are musicians or composers. I love the violin, for example. But I admit that I also listen to a lot of rock and pop.

The source of the interview:

Bitcoin quotation record

Bitcoin record growth

It finally happened! Three years of waiting and Bitcoin holders can definitely open the champagne! There is a new record, all the time high after the cryptocurrency value reached 19786.24 dollars,  breaking the previous record that was set in December 2017, by 3 dollars. How did this happen? Namely, since the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin currency has recorded a value increase of 167%! To break it up, it means that Year to date, bitcoin has gained 167%, and after crushing more than 50% in March, BTC has rallied more than 400%. A great celebration for Bitcoin owners, what a day, and in my opinion, this is just the beginning!

The US presidential election is behind us

The US presidential election is behind us, I was very nicely surprised to read about the possibility to vote online. In selected states, a few thousand people from the army or with disabilities were given this opportunity for the first time. The trial is run by various companies, with the possibility of mobile application and browser voting, all founded by Bradley Tusk (an early investor in Uber).

USA Vote
USA Vote

It’s great to hear that will all the technology available to us, we are finally opening ourself to new possibilities, which can make people’s life easier, and in the long run, make it simple for everyone to vote without any excuses.


Charity work of businessman Roman Ziemian – amazing Stradivarius for Poland

When in 2018 the world circulated the information that Poland was the beneficiary of the treasure of material culture, which is Stradivarius, bought from the Italian Ratinich family, everyone wondered who had allocated the huge amount to it. In retrospect, we know that Roman Ziemian, a man who will forever be remembered in the history of Polish culture and national heritage, has become the patron of art, which is so much needed by Polish culture and music. Let’s recall how it happened.

The National Forum of Music in Wrocław is a cultural center in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship. The place has many concert halls with excellent acoustics. There are often amazing concerts that give a lot of excitement. It would seem that this place could not be even more special.

The initiative to organize a unique concert and purchase the Stradivarius instrument on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence in 1918 came from Janusz Wawrowski – a phenomenal violinist of the NFM. Before 1939, such an instrument was in the deposit of the National Museum, but it was stolen by the Red Army. At the beginning, there were difficulties with the implementation of the idea of ​​obtaining a violin due to the lack of applicants. Due to numerous searches, such an instrument was found among the Italian Ratinich family. Despite this, there was still a lack of funds to acquire such a musical gem.

Roman Ziemian – investor, businessman decided to finance the purchase of an instrument for the National Music Forum in Wrocław. It is a great gesture of generosity on the part of the donor. The entrepreneur has been involved in charity many times. He is happy to support cultural and sports projects. Sam speaks loudly about his passion for motorsport.

1685 is the period when Antonio Stradivari created his own unique model of the violin. It was deposited at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. It will now be lent to Janusz Wawrowski for concerts or recordings. On December 4, 2018, a wonderful ceremony of naming the violin named Polonia took place at the Royal Castle. Between 7 and 21 December, the stradivarius was presented at the exhibition. It was the only occasion to see this wonderful piece of music up close. The value of this instrument is nearly PLN 20 million. It is a great pleasure for the National Forum of Music in Wrocław to use such wonderful instruments that add splendor to exceptional concerts. Roman Ziemian’s favor allowed to enrich the culture of not only Lower Silesia, but all of Poland.

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Are we witnessing history in the making?

Are we witnessing history in the making?

Are we witnessing history in the making? When it comes to cryptocurrencies, we believe so.

Since 2017 we haven’t had such high BTC volume being transferred to private wallets. The biggest bank in America J.P. Morgan, calls BTC competitor to the gold. Numbers of wallets opened in one day jumps to 22,000 (beats two years high).

And that is just some of the titles from last month. Let’s not forget about the price. With BTC = $16,2651, it’s just a matter of time before peak will be broken ($20,000). Will it happen this year? Time will tell.