Architectural attractions in Dubai – Burj al-Arab

Dubai’s architecture is mainly associated with skyscrapers, glass office buildings and exclusive villas. The city annually invites millions of tourists who want to taste the luxury and spend their free time in an exclusive place. One of such facilities is the Burj al-Arab Hotel, which is also known as the “sail hotel”.

Burj al-Arab hotel – history of establishment

The Burj al-Arab hotel is one of the many buildings that belongs to the Jumeirah Beach Resort complex. The archetypal building was built on an artificial island 280 meters from the beach in the Persian Gulf. Its unusual shape is known around the world and is often compared to a sail. The building itself is not the smallest as its height is 321 metres, making it the tallest building in the world without offices and the tallest hotel building in the world. Construction of the Burj al-Arab began in 1994 and was completed in 1999.

Luxury above all else and the history of the 6 star Burj al-Arab hotel

This incredible facility consists mainly of apartments, of which the total number is 202. To illustrate the scale of luxury and size of the investment I will give an example – the smallest apartment occupies 169 square meters of space, and the largest 780! The building itself is a center of relaxation, luxury and the best food in the world. Inside you will find several restaurants, two swimming pools, several spa and treatment rooms, solarium, sauna, fitness studio, museum, library and at the top a helipad. As for the interior itself, it was custom designed. The most luxurious hotels are decorated with gold and gilded elements, which is a sign of incredible splendor. 

Can the hotel be visited by “mere mortals”?

Unfortunately, the exclusivity of the hotel and its status is manifested not only in its appearance, equipment and offer. The building is available only to hotel guests, which should not cause disappointment, but for those who want to see it from the outside and take beautiful photographs in the background of the setting sun over the bay – there are no restrictions here.