Bitcoin growth

The popularity of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency continues to climb. Recently, there have been posts on Etherum cryptocurrency ( see Etherum is back in the game! ), which is also growing in strength like Bitcoin and it’s steady record-breaking growth. Today is no different when for the first time in three years, there are more than one million active Bitcoin cryptocurrency holders in the world! What does this mean? Namely, that day by day more than a million new addresses are actively participating in the growth of Bitcoin’s popularity and generating more and more demand for this cryptocurrency.

What does the address data look like?

Thanks to ( we know that about ¾ of registered user addresses “are between zero and 0.01 BTC, with the latter being worth $350. 5 million addresses (16%) contain between 0.01 and 0.1 BTC, and only 2 million addresses have one bitcoin parked on them.”

What’s more, from the data shared on the portal we can learn that only one address holds 100,000 bitcoin, which is a significant regression in contrast to 2017. Why? Because three years ago there were more users who owned significant amounts of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

One user = one account – a myth!

The data released shows that one user does not always mean one account. It can also be seen that users are increasingly willing to split their “Bitcoin capital” into several different addresses, resulting in more users. It means that users are behaving rationally and making informed investment decisions by dividing their capital into smaller pieces.

What does this data really mean?

User activity and interest in Bitcoin cryptocurrency prove the fact that this industry is becoming a very attractive direction for investing money, especially nowadays. Of course, the increase from 300 thousand unique addresses in the first quarter of 2018, to more than a million today is a perfect argument for the thesis stated above. Nevertheless, it is no less important to realize that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has become more than a seasonal curiosity. What we see among users, splitting capital, more than one account or consciously selling and buying cryptocurrency for profit – all this has long ceased to be fun, and today we are dealing with serious business. Let’s hope that on the popularity of Bitcoin we will only gain and this is not a temporary bubble.