Bitcoin the third largest “congested commercial area”

According to fund managers, the global cryptocurrency Bitcoin ranks third among the most “crowded trading areas” for investments!

Specialists who manage assets around the world are slowly losing confidence in the dollar. As we can read in many opinions, it is common for them to encourage the search for an investment alternative that will withstand inflation. Bitcoin is to be such an alternative. 

A new survey conducted among global fund managers shows that Bitcoin has climbed the investment rankings, overcoming traditional investments such as gold and bonds.  Bitcoin was ranked third in the general list of options in this category, named by 15% of respondents the most “crowded place to invest”.

The Global Fund Manager survey was conducted by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch between December 4 and 10 and asked 217 fund managers responsible for $534 billion of assets, a series of questions about trends in investor behavior.

This is not the first time that Bitcoin has appeared in a monthly Bank of America survey. In December 2017, Bitcoin topped the list of the most sought-after investments, and of the approximately 32% of respondents asked about Bitcoin, the answer was “this is one of those areas where it is definitely worth investing. 

Thus, the final success story should only improve the latest results and we will probably see more records in the coming big steps of 2021.