Debut in Ferrari Challenge Europe

On the first weekend of July 2020, Roman Ziemian, as a rookie, took part in Ferrari Challenge Europe. The beginnings are stressful for everyone, including Roman, who did not expect such a massive physical burden. The weather did not help either – the intense heat in the Italian Imola intensified the feeling of tiredness.

“I would never have thought a race could be so tough. After the halfway mark, I began counting the laps between me and the chequered flag because I was starting to run out of energy.” – he admitted. 

Roman Ziemian Ferrari Car
Roman Ziemian Ferrari Car

Roman Ziemian does not give up. His passion and persistence lead him to further training and practice to give his best in the next races. Sports spirit and self-denial are the essential features for beginners to achieve success.

Roman Ziemian is a huge fan of extreme sports and has been interested in motorization for a long time. After years of observing the competition as a supporter, he decided to try his hand as a driver. He put a lot of energy and energy into training and promises to work harder to develop as a Ferrari driver. As Roman emphasizes, in business and sports, he shares similar values ​​- speed and technology. It is why he feels at home in adrenaline-fueled sport.