Global Village – the entertainment hub of the world in the heart of Dubai

Dubai has long been flexing its muscles and striving to be regarded as the center of world economy, tourism and glamour. The latter seems to have been achieved, but now, thanks to numerous new investments and architectural gems, Dubai is heading towards being perceived as the center of world tourism. It cannot be otherwise if there is a Global Village in Dubai!

What is the Global Village?

Global Village is a specially created township. The facility was opened on the occasion of the festival, which bore the same name as the facility. In the “global village” we can get acquainted with many cultures of the world and take a closer look at what they are and what traditions they have. Visitors can count on elements of culture and art, including dance, music, painting or sculpture from various parts of the globe and taste regional products from countries such as Thailand, Japan and Russia, and even Italy.

Global village architecture

The building itself is very attractive. The Global Village appears in many colors that encourage visitors to photograph, explore and create wonderful memories of this original place. Among the most interesting elements of the Global Village are such pavilions as the Afghan one, where you can find furs and antiques from this country, as well as luxurious Persian carpets straight from Iran or handicrafts from Africa and traditional regional costumes from Saudi Arabia. 

What else besides sightseeing?

The place comes alive in the evenings as it hosts numerous concerts and cultural shows. Every tourist who wants to visit this place has to reckon with buying a ticket in the amount of 15 AED. I highly recommend the place, because it combines many cultures and interesting places, which gathered in one place are an amazing show of color of the world and different civilizations.