Guided tour of Dubai – Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai is the city that is synonymous with splendor and luxury, but also with creating something from nothing. Huge and ambitious investments, business space, and uncommon climate surround this place with a magical aura of desire and dream realm of holiday warriors. So what can you see there? Apart from architecture, Dubai Creek Tower – what is it?

Dubai Creek Tower – another expensive toy?

Dubai Creek Tower is an ambitious project of a manned observation tower that is currently under construction in Dubais. The project is extremely ambitious and not the cheapest one, as we have already become accustomed to other projects in Dubai. The cost of the undertaking amounted to 3.67 billion AED, which, when converted into dollars, gives us a billion. 

Dubai Creek Tower – what is it actually?

Dubai Creek Tower will be the tallest supported tower in the world, 828 meters high. This structure is not only to serve as an observation tower, one of the most attractive tourist destinations(so I assume) , but also as another symbol of the power and wealth of the UAE. 

Dubai Creek Tower – when will it be completed?

The estimated completion date for this project is 2022, but due to the prevailing Sars COV-2 (Covid-19) pandemic, the work has been delayed. At the moment I am not the only one waiting for the completion of this ambitious project, but I am sure that also many potential tourists want to see the wonders of Dubai. For those who want to visit this wonderful city right now, I encourage you to read articles about other attractions I have described here:

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