Will bitcoin soon reach $100k? This is what one analyst, Kaleo, predicts

In recent months, we have witnessed incredible increases in the Bitcoin currency. For quite some time now, everyone has been asking themselves whether the cryptocurrency will reach the magic $100k value mark. One of the cryptocurrency analysts who assumes such a scenario is Kaleo, a popular trader and well-known specialist in the world of cryptocurrencies, whose profile on Twiter is watched by more than 77 thousand users. 

The USD 100k limit will be crossed according to Kaleo

The aforementioned popular trader and cryptocurrency analyst, Kaleo, via Twitter published interesting charts that prove the potential rise in popularity and reaching the value of Bitcoin at $100k. 

According to his post, the correction in the cryptocurrency market has just ended and it is now time for the bull market to continue. As he suggested – “The sell-off ends today. Buy more now (…)”. 

Kaleo’s prediction heralds a record high?

According to Kaleo, the correction will be followed by a continuation of the bull market. He bases his prediction on the statement that BTC is close to starting the process of a “new chart rally” that will eventually lead to an increase in value and make Bitcoin 100% more expensive! Below are two posts on Kaleo’s revelations:

Will his forecast come true? We’ll live to see, and what do you think of the potential rise? Post a comment below the post and don’t forget to give it a high rating.